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My favorite popcorn flavors in no particular order are: @CretorsPopcorn Cheese and Caramel Clancy's White Cheddar Cheese by @AldiUSA @Boomchickapop Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn @smartfood White Cheddar >@HarryandDavid Moose Munch (any flavor) #weekend #Foodie #SaturdayThoughts

1386000071846764546 posted at 4/24/2021 / 0 favorites / 0 retweets

Why is the cheese to caramel ratio 99-1 😭 @CretorsPopcorn

1373459374270783489 posted at 3/20/2021 / 0 favorites / 0 retweets

Costcoで買ったCretorsのポップコーンはイマイチでした。😵 チーズとキャラメル味のミックスってどうなんですかね? Not my taste, Cretors popcorn, cheese&caramel mix. #こすとこ #ポップコーン #costco #cretors #cretorspopcorn #popcorn

1369145886996070400 posted at 3/8/2021 / 0 favorites / 0 retweets

I need some more @CretorsPopcorn. #HarryandMeghanonOprah

1368746270123253765 posted at 3/7/2021 / 0 favorites / 0 retweets

Dropped my last cheesy @CretorsPopcorn in the bathtub🙁

1367690225644830720 posted at 3/4/2021 / 0 favorites / 0 retweets

So, umm, @CretorsPopcorn... do I eat this? Q/A gone wrong? Used a couple AAA batteries for scale. Bit into one like this in same bag already, approx 1/3 as big. It was not delicious. Cheese/caramel mix, bought recently at Costco. Just FYI. Otherwise, great stuff! :)

1362275745251393538 posted at 2/17/2021 / 0 favorites / 0 retweets

Just tried @CretorsPopcorn for the first time, my gawd it’s so damn good! Caramel/Cheddar mix is a must for movie nights!

1352423718757093379 posted at 1/21/2021 / 0 favorites / 0 retweets

Hey @CretorsPopcorn we have an issue with this caramel and cheese mix. Not a single kernel of cheese.

1352102885899833346 posted at 1/20/2021 / 0 favorites / 0 retweets

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