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We built two flying paper helicopters. We used two different papers (normal paper, card). We spoke about why one is flying down quicker than the other. #scienceexperiments #scienceiscool #scienceisfun #scienceisawesome #preschool #preschoolscience #learning #learningathome #learningthroughplay #learningathome #learningisfun #activityforkids #learningeveryday #learningisfun #paperart #paperplanes #buildinghelicopters #usbornebooksandmore #usborneconsultant #usbornebooks #usborne

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These will make excellent Christmas stocking fillers! Available to buy today! #christmas #stockingfillers #usborne

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How stunning is this beautiful and twinkly bedtime story 📖 Everything you need to make bedtime a little more magical 🛌 #usbornebooksandmore #usborne #usbornebooks #usbornebooksathome #books #bedtime #bedtimestory #twinkly #twinklylights

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🌈BRAND REP SEARCH🌈 ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT TO ENER FOR OUR BRAND REP POST . . Are you a book lover? . Are your children book lovers? . Are you active on Instagram? . I’d love to have you on my team. I’m looking for new reps to join my team and help me grow my business.You can be any age from new born baby to 100years+ all I ask is that your active on Instagram. . In return for being my rep you will receive: 🌈A discount code for 20% off 🌈A code to share for 10% off 🌈A FREE thank you gift 🌈Be the first to know of any special offers 🌈The chance to be my forever rep . As my rep all I ask is that you help me promote my business and share reviews . If you would like to apply please 🌈post this picture on your grid along with a photo of your child or children enjoying reading ( if you don’t wish to share photos of your child then book photos are fine too) 🌈 Tag us in your post so we don’t miss it 🌈Tag some friends that you think would love to enter . The search will end June 30th and your codes will be active from July 1st and will run until September 30th ( this is when we will choose our forever reps ) . GOOD LUCK!!! and thank you for supporting my business. I look forward to working with you and getting to know you #usborne #usbornebooks #usbornepublishing #usbornebooksathome #usbornebooksathomeandschool #brandrep #brandrepsearch #babiesofinstagram #toddlersofinstagram #kidsofinstagram #teensofinstagram #adultsofinstagram #mumsofinstagram #dadsofinstagram #parentsofinstagram #teachersofinstagram #grandparentsofinstagram #childrensbooks #childrensbookstagram #book #bookstagram #reading #lovereading #lovebooks #learning #development

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Pick a page to learn more about 100 amazing scientists and their discoveries. From atoms and X-rays to the Big Bang and the Internet, brilliant breakthroughs by successful scientists have changed the world. Scientists featured include Marie Curie and Albert Einstein. With Usborne Quicklinks to specially selected websites where you can meet amazing scientists and try online activities. Your budding scientist will love this book! #scientist #scienceexperiments #science #usborne #usbornebooks #usbornebooksandmore

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I’m an usborne books independent organiser, it gives me the flexibility to work around my home life and other work commitments. It’s completely flexible meaning I don’t miss out on special family moments. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ————————————————- . . ❤️Small joining fee of £48 (of which you can earn back, meaning you’ve started your business for free!) 🧡FREE & discounted books 💛24% commission 💚No targets or pressure 💙Unlimited support & guidance 💜Your own FREE website 💙Work with schools & nurseries 💚No previous experience needed 💛Your business your own way 🧡 ❤️ . 🖤I’m loving my journey so far & want to share this opportunity!! 😍 If you’d like to know more pop me a message across or comment INFO below 😘 #usborne #usbornebooksandmore #usbornebooksandmoreconsultant #usbornechildrensbooks #usbornebooks #usbornebooksathome #findyourtribe #findyourcrowd #workfromhome #beyourownboss #lovewhatyoudo #joinmyteam

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Another Usborne favorite here! We had been holding off on introducing the more advanced lift-the-flap books to Jojo, but we tried and she totally loves them! The pages are so engaging and colorful, and the flaps are full of wonderful pictures and facts. There’s even a flap on how to use chopsticks! 🍜🥢⁣ _______________________________________⁣ ⁣ Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers About Food. Written by Katie Daynes, illustrated by Peter Donnelly, designed by Jodie Smith. Published by @usborne_books .⁣ ⁣ Age: 4 years +⁣ ⁣ ✅Large board book⁣ ✅Durable pages and over 60 flaps⁣ ✅Questions about food, answered underneath the flaps⁣ ✅Vibrant, detailed illustrations ⁣ ✅Lots of educational tidbits and facts⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #storieswithjojo #letteringbookreviews #storieswithjojo_food⁣ ⁣ #lifttheflap #usborne #usbornebooksandmore #usbornebooks #ubam #nonfictionbooksforkids #nonfictionbooks #booksaboutfood #boardbook #toddlerbooks #preschoolbooks

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Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing fathers! This book is a tear jerker *to the max* as a father shares his hopes & dreams for his young child. 😭 It’s one of my favorite books in the bookshop, available through the link in my bio.

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New pop-up hardbound for children (age:3+) from #usborne 😊☀ A cute way to explore nature with its animals and plants. #childrensbooks #popupbook #usbornebooks #nature #outnow‼️ #paperbackexchangeflorence #children #animals #booklover❤️ #independentbookshop #florenceitaly #usbornebook

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Reading is learning, today we open up the flaps to learn all about the world 🌍 #learning #bookstagram #kidsbooks #childslibrary #reading #lovereading #momlife #twinmom #readingtime #readingisfundamental #wahm #sahm #bookstagrammer #books #kidslearning #quiettime #fun #learningisfun #usborne #usbornebooksathome

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🇮🇹 🤩 Un bellissimo pacchetto a tema unicorni 🦄! Contiene: 🧡 Un puzzle da 100 pezzi con un libro a tema 💙Un libro da colorare formato mini da portare sempre con sé 💛 Un libro con sticker e atmosfere magiche Tutti e 3 a €24,90 🤩. 🇬🇧 A wonderful bundle about unicorns 🦄! It includes: 💜 A 100-pieces jigsaw puzzle 💚 A la pocket-size colouring book to pop in the purse and bring along everywhere ❤️ An enchanting sticker book Get all of them for €24,90 🤩. #unicorns #unicorni #bookstagram #booksforkids #libriperbambini #inglesebimbi #ingleseperbambini #usbornebooksathome #usbornebooks #usborne

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Puzzle + rozprávková knižka v parádnej krabičke 😍 Puzzle obsahuje 30 dielikov väčšej veľkosti, čiže sa ľahko skladá deťom od cca 3 rokov, možno aj o niečo skôr🧠 A prečo podporovať túto záľubu? 🌸skladanie puzzle je skvelá rozcvička pre mozog a u detí zvyšuje schopnosť riešiť problémy a hádanky 🌸zvyšuje schopnosť koncentrácie a udržanie pozornosti 🌸trénuje trpezlivosť 🌸zlepšuje jemnú motoriku 🌸podporuje schopnosť pracovať v skupine 🌸výrazne zlepšuje vizuálnu pamäť, čo môže v budúcnosti pomôcť pri učení A je to ZÁBAVA! 😁

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This June, we publish an inspiring UK debut. A powerful story of kindness, resilience and imagination, based on the…

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The first in a new series, 24 Hours in the Stone Age invites readers join a young cave-dweller for a day - and to l…

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Books » L. Krupp Kreations

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Scentsy Drawing

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How to Make Clothespin Carrots

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What Have I Done?!

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This blog has some great images to use when making a web post.
Literacy Tip of the Week This blog has some great images to use when making a web post.

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Louise Haywood on Twitter

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Summer Reading Activities - Planning Playtime

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Usborne Books & More game graphic to use in a party or VIP group.
Usborne Books & More game graphic to use in a party or VIP group.

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